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The three most important foods that remove belly fat once and for all

The three most important foods that remove belly fat once and for all

Foods remove Rumen because flat belly dreams of all women, and most of them follow the reggae and exercise to get what they want, and to help them reach their goal, we will offer a range of foods that contribute to weight loss and get rid of excess kilograms and the abdominal area in particular.

Studies have shown modern food there is a strong relationship between digestion and weight, then eating the right foods, you can remove belly fat or.

The solution lies in reducing carbohydrates, especially fermentable carbohydrates, the sugars lead to an increase in acid and gas in the digestive system, such as fructose, fruit sugar, and lactose ( milk sugar).

Fermentable carbohydrates also cause injuries, bloating and abdominal fat.

To get rid of these problems and enjoy a flat-bellied body while maintaining the integrity of the digestive system, we will offer a range of low-fat foods:

1. Fiber

Fiber is the key to maintaining movement within the digestive system, and although certain types ferment quickly and can disturb the digestive system, the focus here will be on foods that contain insoluble fibers, and the choice of dissolved fibers

2. Magnesium

Magnesium is the mineral that cells need to manufacture energy and muscles need to relax, and the lack of this key nutrient is strongly associated with increased inflammation.

3. Fat anti-inflammatory

Anti-inflammatory fats, including monounsaturated fatty acids and omega-3s, both of which can help keep inflammation at bay and target the fat in and around the abdomen, and the good part is that these foods are delicious, and should always be in the fridge.

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