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These are the causes of sudden mood swings


These are the causes of sudden mood swings

Mood swings, sudden what do you know about him? 

 Because many of us feel anger without reason mentioned, actually the reason is there but we don't live it much attention. For example, the simple slowness of a mobile phone can cause great anger, although the reason is very simple, the reaction can sometimes be exaggerated.

The reason for our anger may be hunger or it may be high blood sugar which is often if not always the cause. Most of what we eat today is rich in Sugar, any chocolate bar or candy bar has a very high sugar content, but we may not be able to resist it, so the New Atkins diet offers a plan to change the accepted concept of the Atkins diet, through alternative options that provide the same flavor as sweets or drinks that we like but.

Atkins Global nutritionist Linda O'brien advises those who suffer from this condition to lighten up foods rich in carbohydrates and sugar, as it affects the instability of insulin in the body and thus mood swings and irritations due to minor events in our daily lives. Spacing intervals between meals and then eating a large amount of sugar and carbohydrates at once is a nightmare for our body, because blood sugar is low and then rises suddenly which will affect our psyche and make us more emotional and sensitive, it also plays a big role in weight gain and failure to release the energy needed for our daily activities.

Sugar does not have any nutritional values and all the necessary carbohydrates needed by the body can be obtained from low-sugar foods such as vegetables, fruits and cereals. Athletes usually do without sugar, so that their bodies burn fat to produce energy, so that the exercise will be more effective and with a fully satisfactory result.

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