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These are the most important benefits of bulgur

These are the most important benefits of bulgur

Which is considered one of the most important wheat products and is described in the Levant as the nails of the knees i.e. the strengthening of the joints as a metaphor for its high nutritional value revolves around it many popular proverbs and stories about it and the benefits of bulgur compete rice and has a great popularity especially among the poor and villagers known since ancient times and has been considered a symbol of the gods of harvesting in the Romans.

  1. Enter in the preparation of popular dishes in the Middle East, especially in the Levant
  2. Cook with meat, chicken or with one of the vegetable tomatoes as a main dish
  3. It is also added to salads such as tabouleh and cabbage
  4. It is an essential ingredient in all types of Kebbe composed of meat and bulgur
  5. Grains such as bulgur are rich sources of salts, vitamins, protein and low calories as well as high content of minerals iron phosphorus zinc manganese magnesium
  6. In terms of fiber content, bulgur takes the lead, like whole wheat, as it keeps the digestive system healthy
  7. Helps in cases of indigestion and constipation
  8. Contains vitamin B which stimulates the action of enzymes that play an important role in improving the antioxidant action
  9. It is very strong resistant to types of cancers especially breast and colon cancer due to antioxidants
  10. Bulgur contains enzymes and proteins that produce collagen that keeps skin fresh and healthy and strengthens muscles
  11. The barrel supports the immune system in the human body
  12. It also helps protect the heart lowers cholesterol
  13. Maintains normal blood sugar level
  14.  More useful than rice because of the presence of crusts in it, which makes the absorption of carbohydrates slower than rice peeled, which is less fiber, which is present in the crusts that are removed from white rice and so it saturates you quickly and reduces weight and also benefits diabetics, cholesterol and triglycerides
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