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This is a natural Lyrica alternative without side effects

This is a natural Lyrica alternative without side effects

Many are putting forward a drug that they claim treats chronic pain, and many in America resort to it, is actually a dangerous drug, as it can help in situations of pain and anxiety, but it causes dizziness, causes weight gain, leads to a feeling of disorder during life, waking up at night, and in the worst case causes hallucinations.

What is an alternative to Lyrica to get the same benefits healthily ?

- Magnesium, as a substitute for Larica.

Larica works by stimulating nerves throughout the body, often prompting nerve pain to demand magnesium.

Unfortunately, this is the situation of many people due to the poverty of their diet.

Spinach is naturally magnesium-rich and easy to add to sandwiches and salads.

 If you're a person who likes to eat snacks during the day, chocolate can be kept away, and lots of seeds, the best options are pumpkin seeds, which are naturally rich in magnesium and help release a chemical compound called tryptophan. This naturally supports healthy sleep, especially if the reason for taking larika is stress management.

- The best friend of magnesium is calcium.

To help the extra new sources of magnesium take effect, more calcium is needed, and even if you are a vegetarian, it is easy to get it from natural sources, such as white beans, which will provide you with all the calcium you need to feel better without larika.

- Get more vitamin D than larika.

There may be a need to increase the intake of eggs and fish, vitamin D is another component missing from diets around the world.

Add some fish to your meals, or some eggs for breakfast, you can naturally enhance your levels of vitamin D.

Several studies have shown a link between vitamin D deficiency and a significant increase in chronic pain, which is the biggest symptom that prompts the resort to larika for treatment.

- The acupuncture treatment for chronic pain

In the event that you want to get rid naturally, from continuing to use larika, acupuncture can help. They naturally help eliminate pain by encouraging endorphins, the chemical compound in the brain that causes a feeling of happiness.

- The Massage ( Massage)

If the body feels pain, whatever it may be, you can resort to massage, where it forms a good exercise for the muscles, pushes the body to release large amounts of serotonin and endorphins, and serotonin helps regulate mood and relieve pain.

To increase the effect of the massage, natural oils can be used, such as lavender oil, which helps in relaxation, and also relieves stress.

- Capsaicin.

It is an effective natural alternative to Erika for pain relief, Capsaicin which is an active substance in chili pepper, its oil when applied to the skin, helps in the activation of muscle nerves. With an emphasis on washing hands thoroughly after dealing with him.

- Ginger.

Another natural way to relieve the symptoms of pain and anxiety, and is an excellent alternative are, in particular, use it, all it needs to find a little bit of ginger tea, the Cup at least two a day, preferably morning and evening.

Ginger contains chemical compounds called Phytochemicals compounds reduce swelling and inflammation in the muscles.

- Balsamic oil

Researchers from Farateb University have discovered a wonderful herbal blend, which helps with pain, featuring a range of available ingredients, sesame oil, cinnamon, Mastic powder, and ginger. Stir on low heat, and after everything melts, remove it from the fire to cool.

 The bowl of the mixture is taken to the bathroom, and the person begins to wash himself with it.

Doing this once a week will make the body feel better and reduce the reason for resorting to larika.

To add to the effective, natural, and powerful effect of the lareka alternative, you can simply add a few cloves of garlic to the bowl.

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