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Tips before the examination at the debut gynecologist

Tips before the examination at the debut gynecologist

The examination at the gynecologist is not the same as the examination of a doctor, which is a fact that every woman understands, and many women may avoid undergoing treatment at a doctor for many legitimate, personal or psychological reasons .

But in fact it is bound to realize that despite all the doctor swore the police department and the task but that doesn't mean society kids free of weak people, and from what we hear hundreds of stories about the world and in the Arab world to me is proof of that.

In the end, the doctor is a human and has his desires and instincts and love of women is deposited in the depths of the depths of the man, so it is impossible to see the doctor a woman who is beautiful and does not move something inside him, so it is necessary dear to take the following tips if you think :

  • If this is not possible then consider visiting a doctor, of course, after you have chosen it carefully .
  • Ask your husband or brother to accompany you to the doctor's office .
  • With your natural sense and sense of being a female, you can assess the doctor at first sight.
  • Few cases where you need to get naked in front of the doctor, so be careful and know the reason for dressing if necessary .
  • A pious and respected doctor uses a white sheet or cap that covers the body and reveals only the treatment area .
  • I must take the doctor's permission before touching any part of you .
  • You'll feel, honey, when the doctor's body touches are unnatural, you'll feel cut off from her. show your displeasure .
  • The doctor should not feel completely resigned to what he says ( I hope you don't feel like I'm exaggerating.
  • The doctor has no right to give you notes about your body and the size or beauty of its parts .
  • I advise you to keep a respectful distance between you and your doctor.
  • Your husband would rather come with you .
  • Do not hesitate for a moment to change the doctor.

id bihi mohamed


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