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Tips for vitamin D deficiency by adding it to the diet

Tips for vitamin D deficiency by adding it to the diet

Tips for vitamin D deficiency sunlight vitamin can help with anything, from bone strength to immunity, so these recipes can be followed to increase the amount of vitamin D in the diet.

1. Keep the cow's milk in hand

In the United States, skimmed, low-fat milk is fortified with vitamin A to be equal in nutritional value to whole milk, while vitamin D supplementation is optional.

Most milk in the USA contains nutrients, women need 600 IU of vitamin D per day, and one cup of 1% fortified milk provides 98 IU or 16% of the amount required for women's daily consumption.

2. Not to forget about egg yolks

There are reasons to eat egg yolks, the most important of which is rich in vitamin D, one large egg has 41 IU of it, or 7% of the amount of consumption required daily for women, so eggs can be cooked and eaten with French toast.

3. Use of orange juice

While it is best to eat whole fruits and vegetables when possible, orange juice provides a vitamin D intake, traditionally 100 IU or 17% of the amount required for women's daily consumption, equivalent to 1 cup of orange juice.

4. Advantage of cooked salmon

Oily fish such as salmon provide vitamin D, as well as other important elements such as omega-3 fatty acid.

80g of salmon meat provides about 447 IU of vitamin D, equivalent to 75% of women's daily intake.

5. Use of yogurt

Is yogurt a delicious mix after the matinee, or as a side dish with vegetables.

 Only some yogurt is fortified with vitamin D, and it is more common to find regular yogurt that contains it such as Greek yogurt, so the ingredients of the packaging should be read and make sure that the vitamin is included.

175g (6 ounces) of fruit-flavored low-fat yogurt gives 88 IU or 15% of the required daily intake for women.

6. Grain

Most cereals, especially those aimed at children, are fortified with vitamin D, and contain about 10% of the amount required for daily consumption.

They can be served with milk, fruit or used in biscuit recipes.

7. Add mushrooms to your favorite appetizers

All mushrooms contain vitamin D, as they grow they are exposed to ultraviolet rays, so the amount they contain increases in abundance.

One cup of brown mushrooms, for example, contains 3 IU of vitamin D, and when exposed to ultraviolet light the amount of vitamin increases

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