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Tips to avoid damage to work at night

Tips to avoid damage to work at night

Sleep experts at the London Centre for insomnia and sleep disorders in Dubai believe that lack of sleep can have a negative impact on various aspects of our lives. However, it is possible to control the lack of hours of sleep due to the night shifts and the permanence of the lips and here Dr. Irshad Ibrahim, medical director of the London Centre for sleep disorders and insomnia, gives us 9 Important Tips in this field:

  • Food and drink: ” our body and mind are not used to eating and drinking at normal hours of sleep, but on the contrary, people who work at night time have to do so because they need energy from healthy food and water,”says Dr. Ershad. "More important than food is to drink plenty of water. Because it's hard to be active and high-performing when there's a dehydration problem.”
  • Caffeine: who among us is not accustomed to drinking coffee? But as we accustom ourselves to not drinking caffeine around bedtime, people who work at night have to take their coffee at this time. Since caffeine harms more than benefits, try sipping your favorite cup of coffee in the middle of your night shift, this way you'll stay alert until you're done and ensure caffeine doesn't interfere with your hours of sleep when you get home.
  • Darkness: our body is affected in sunlight and by all other industrial lights. So if you want to get good hours of sleep, buy thick curtains that block the sun's rays and stop using your phone and smart devices for a comfortable and quiet sleep.
  • Quiet: timing during the day tends to be more noisy due to construction work, sounds of phones, bells and the sounds of cars. Better inform the people in your life that you need to rest and sleep after work time fun. You can use earplugs to prevent some noise in your sleep environment.
  • Avoid alcohol: alcohol is known to help sleep but its negative effects will appear the next night and will affect your work and vital functions.
  • Getting used to sleep: just as we do a sleep and wake system for normal working times, we need to work the evening shifts for the same. You must accustom your body and mind to sleep during the day if you want to maintain the schedule of hours of sleep strict.
  • Going to bed: one way to get used to sleep is to immediately go to bed as soon as you get home. The more you try to avoid sunlight and light the more comfortable you will get during sleep.
  • Setting boundaries: it is important to tell family and friends about the importance of getting sleep and rest due to your evening work, and to exclude you from outings such as shopping, watching movies, matches, etc.
  • Exercise: try to exercise as much as possible after getting out of sleep. People who sleep during the day should avoid exercise early in the morning as it can enhance the feeling of alertness when they sleep.
  • Planning and discipline is all you need to do to get hours of good sleep during the day.

(London Centre for insomnia and sleep disorders)

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