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Top 10 Ways to Use Shea Butter for the Body

Top 10 Ways to Use Shea Butter for the Body

Shea butter for the body from Luxitan in Provence there are 10 ways to use it, and there is no doubt that shea butter has many benefits on it feeds, protects and treats it, Luxitan In Provence prides itself on expanding its range of shea butter by including a number of revolutionary products that restore freshness to the skin during the winter months, and shea butter has become a natural material that women ask a lot about these days, after the spread of the amount of benefits it contains.

  1. Use as lip balm to moisturize them and to keep them soft throughout the day.
  2. Shea butter is used for the body as a specific treatment for elbows, knees and toes to feel instant softness.
  3. Used to soothe dry, sun-exposed and itchy skin after a day at the beach or pool.
  4. Heat with your hands and use as a massage conditioner for cumbersome muscles and joints.
  5. Place a few of them around the hair line before dyeing them to protect the skin from stains.
  6. Place on scars and burns to speed up their recovery.
  7. Place on the roots of light hair to increase its density.
  8. Place on the eyelids before adding makeup eye powder to highlight the color and prolong its duration.
  9. Use on the skin around the nose when catching a cold to treat cracking and peeling.
  10. Use on dry feet before the sneakers are inflamed as the heat from the exercises helps shea butter leak better into the skin, giving it a softer touch.

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