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Top tips for pregnant women in the first months

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Tips for pregnant women in the first months because the first stage of pregnancy occupies the thinking of every girl, and this concern comes only from the ignorance of some things that occur before and after pregnancy and childbirth and this article deals with some medical advice for women before pregnancy to facilitate their perception and decision in the future :

Medical history

 Some women have a history of diseases, allergies, and medication, so you should take medical advice before pregnancy, along with laboratory tests for hepatitis, thyroid, measles, syphilis, and sexually transmitted diseases, and exclude any health problems in the lungs, abdomen, breast, pelvis, and cervix.

You should consult your doctor for genetic family diseases such as blood diseases, diabetes, hemophilia, mental retardation with the consequences of inbreeding, and this can save you miscarriages, birth defects, breast milk allergies, and fetal death by mixing blood.

Surgical action

Business surgery before pregnancy would carry serious complications during pregnancy, you should delay pregnancy until they are cured.

Weight issues

 Being overweight causes heart and blood pressure disorders during pregnancy along with diabetes, and being underweight increases the risk of premature birth.

Food concerns

Following a specific diet program during pregnancy may be another stress you add to pregnancy pressures, which is why mental health doctors advise the need to follow a balanced regimen at least three months before pregnancy, to prepare the body and get used to it during pregnancy, which relieves stress, provides you the best physical readiness to receive the baby, supports your body with natural nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants

Dental examination

 Your visit to the dentist before pregnancy will avoid X-rays used in dental imaging, which are harmful to the fetus, as well as CT scans and scans from metal detectors.

Menstrual cycle

Medical centers provide you with the best menstrual cycle regulation tips to determine the most fertile body periods for the occurrence of pregnant women.

Vaccine medical

Completing your doses of inoculation against communicable diseases before pregnancy saves you the risk of developing fatal repercussions.


Women should prepare emotionally and physically to enter a new stage of life, leave harmful lifestyles such as drinking alcohol and smoking and beware of groundwater wells that may be rich in harmful nitrates.

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