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Treat facial pigmentation naturally before resorting to chemotherapy

Treat facial pigmentation naturally before resorting to chemotherapy

Treatment of facial pigmentation with herbs and naturally using foods because the stomach is the home of the disease, where skin pigmentation often appears as painless dark-colored spots, on the face and hands .

Its causes

  • Melanin (skin coloring pigment), which increases its production to protect the skin from UV rays as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun
  • Melanin collects and develops pigmentation. So are tanning devices.
  • Aging, chronic disease and malnutrition contribute to pigmentation

Treat her

  •  Cosmetics, creams and lasers, but they contain side effects as well as their high cost
  •  So you need natural remedies.

Lemon juice

  •  It is considered a skin whitener for the presence of citric acid and high antioxidants
  • Apply cotton on the place twice daily for two months

Apple cider vinegar

  • To lighten skin with alpha hydroxy (anti-Dead Cells))
  • Apply drops of vinegar with onion juice or rose water on the desk
  • Or a glass of water and honey is drunk in it drops of vinegar

Aloe vera

  • Elvira gel reduces pigmentation for the presence of compounds that stimulate the growth of new cells and fight aging
  • Apply gel or Elvira juice to face and neck daily

Castor oil

  • Effective for pigmentation, wrinkles and pimples for the presence of elastin, collagen and antibacterial agents
  • Apply to face after cleansing and leave overnight

Butter and cream

  • Highly effective lactic acid blend applied with cotton on face and neck daily until pigmentation is gone


  • To lighten the skin due to the presence of vitamin c and antioxidants, which is effective for aging spots
  • Apply by rubbing onion slices or onion juice with apple juice, vinegar or 2 tablespoons of honey on the place of pigmentation


  • Apply cucumber slices on the face and neck, leave them to dry, then wash, apply daily until their removal


  • Rubbing papaya pulp daily prevents damage to skin cells for the presence of vitamin A and antioxidants.

Sour milk

  • Very effective for the presence of lactic acid, applied with a face mask with rose water, left to dry, which is daily for two months

Sugar cubes

  •  Effective for the presence of bleached glycolic acid, applied by rubbing cubes in place daily.

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