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Treatment of acne in carrots

Treatment of acne in carrots

Treating acne with carrot juice is no secret, because this juice is rich in skin-healing beta-carotene, so when you drink carrot juice it will treat you internally and externally, and help you recover quickly from scars caused by acne.

Tips to remove acne with carrot:

1.Be sure to buy fresh and large carrots when you want to use it in therapeutic matters, store it in the refrigerator and wash them with a vegetable brush instead of peeling it, because of the greater concentration of vitamins and minerals near the peel, so when peeling it will lose all the properties you need.

2.Get daily age 4 - 5 islands of great and drink it on an empty stomach, make sure that your body all the nutrients, and after several weeks you will notice amazing results where will the spread of acne and other process of getting rid of scars behind him.

3.Mix the juice of one carrot with a teaspoon of sea salt and gently rub the resulting dough on the areas of spreading grains and scars in a circular motion so that the skin does not hurt.

Daily this gentle acne treatment will help you remove the top layer of scar tissue, make your skin healthy and hinder the reproduction of any new ones.

4.Wash your face thoroughly and apply pure carrot juice to pimples and pills, this will accelerate their treatment and prevent the formation of scars on the skin.

Don't FORGET: Always use carrot juice freshly and as much as you can on the skin before removing it.

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