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Treatment of anemia for pregnant women in the eighth month

Treatment of anemia for pregnant women in the eighth month

Anemia of the eighth month pregnant..... Anemia is a common disease around the world for symptoms of iron deficiency in the body that works on the production of hemoglobin.

And red blood cells that in turn carry oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

The disease is spread at high rates in women in general, and pregnant women especially as a result of physical and hormonal disorders.

Gestational anemia is a worrying condition with the possibility of premature birth, underweight baby, or fetal death anemia.

Causes of anemia in pregnant women

The increased blood supply for fetal growth consumes the mother's iron Reserve.

Malnutrition caused by low protein and high sugars, fats meals.

Consumption of maternal iron with the occurrence of a unique pregnancy involving twins or pregnancy at a later age.

Bleeding disorders that put pressure on the mother's iron Reserve to produce more blood and hemoglobin.

The occurrence of cancers, diabetes, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn's disease.

And other infections that reduce the production of erythrocytes.

Types of gestational anemia

Iron anemia is a direct deficiency of the iron mineral in the body according to the previously mentioned reasons.

Anemia folic acid is a rare species of anemia caused by folic acid deficiency associated with metabolic processes.

Its disorders lead to the possibility of neural tube defects in the fetus.

Anemia B12 which is one of the rarest forms of pernicious anemia.

It occurs when the body attacks the cells of the stomach that absorb vitamin B12, necessary for the production of red blood cells.

Symptoms of gestational anemia

Fatigue and fatigue that causes motor and intellectual lethargy.

Muscle pain and weakness caused by muscle hypoxia.

Hypertension and pre-eclampsia are indicators of serious gestational anemia.

Respiratory problems and dizziness are symptoms of anemia that puts pressure on lung function to support cell oxygenation.

Arrhythmia is a symptom of heart health-threatening gestational anemia and may end in death.


Medical consultation before pregnancy is important for diagnosing eating disorders.

Doctors advise that fats and sugars should be avoided months before pregnancy.

Especially potatoes that increase the chances of developing gestational diabetes.

Pharmacological iron supplements are taken only after consulting a doctor.

Because their increase leads to serious health problems, natural sources are advised.

Vitamin C, represented by ascorbic acid, is crucial for the absorption of iron in the gut.

So we have to support our meals with this Vitamin of citrus, pepper and green leaf.

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