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Treatment of burning mouth from the inside

Treatment of burning mouth from the inside

When we eat hot food we may experience burning of the mouth, lips, or tongue, and accompanied by symptoms of pain, redness, swelling, and pimples, and we may need medical help if the burns are severe, but we can speed up the process of treating them with simple household items if they are mild.

Oral breathing

Breathing through the mouth increases the flow of cold air to the surface of the tongue which helps relieve pain.

Material cold

Cold materials help reduce the heat of the tongue, to relieve inflammation and prevent tissue damage, and make your mouth moist so that bacterial infection does not occur, and we can try a piece of ice, ice cream, or cold juice for as long as possible on the tongue, repeating it several times to relieve symptoms.


The antibacterial nature of honey prevents the occurrence of infection of damaged tissues, honey reduces swelling and pain and is applied to the tongue as long as possible, repeating the process until the tongue heals.

Honey should not be given to children made on the year, it may contain spores that cause infant poisoning.

Aloe vera

We extract aloe vera gel from its leaves, apply it to the tongue to soothe burns, repeat the process several times a day, and you can freeze the gel for ice cubes to help relieve pain and inflammation.


The nature of the Lebanese soothing helps to relieve pain and inflammation, take half a cup of cold milk and leave it a few seconds before swallowing it, and repeat the process several times a day.


Sugar is soothing and taste-enhancing, we leave it in the mouth until it dissolves, and it is not recommended for diabetics.


The menthol in mint helps to sense the nerves with cold, anesthetize the area and reduce inflammation, we can apply mint toothpaste on the area for some time to dry and then wash it with cold water, we can drink mint flowers after refrigerated, and we can chew mint gum from time to time.

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