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Treatment of ED in women due to diabetes

Treatment of ED in women due to diabetes

Treatment of sexual dysfunction in women according to Dr. Lauren Streicher, assistant professor of gynecological Clinical Pathology at Northwestern University, published a gynecological medical guide covering sex life, including diabetes patients, and shows that the sexual health of diabetics is improved by changing the lifestyle and the way the disease is handled:

Glucose levels

The control of blood sugar will give the diabetic a stable life that does not differ from a normal human, and this control is determined by doctors along with the appropriate diet, but it is not an alternative to natural foods to support the health of the body, insulin sensitivity and strengthen the nerves and blood circulation for the body to perform its various functions.

Mental health

Studies indicate that mental health is a key factor for alleviating the symptoms of the disease, because fear, frequent thinking, anxiety, and feelings of embarrassment, have negative sexual effects on normal people before diabetics, doctors say that meditation sessions, calm, participation and help others are good for improving mood and removing anxiety.

Improve mood

Eating certain healthy foods has a positive effect to improve mood and thus stimulates sex drive because they contain some nutrients supporting the production of hormones in a balanced way, and a healthy diet is the most effective and feasible compared to pharmaceutical supplements.

Regular movement

Research shows the need for constant movement to avoid diabetic symptoms to strengthen the heart, improve flexibility, endurance, and blood flow to the genital areas, and this does not require strenuous or long exercises.

Adequate sleep

Regular sleep with a nap will adjust blood sugar levels, which helps the body's overall activity and capacity.

Blood ischemia

Diabetes often is what leads to low blood flow to the genitals, this decline leads to weakness of the nerves in the region, and the doctors need to activate blood circulation by healthy food supporting and exercise, especially before meeting husband mine.

Setting the PH)

The increase in sugar levels is a major cause of increased disorder in the proportion of pH inside the genitals, which raises the incidence of infections and sexual dysfunction, and here doctors recommend the need for the food and Drug Administration to regulate PH.

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