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Treatment of foot cracks with lemon in one day

Treatment of foot cracks with lemon in one day

Treatment of Cracked Feet with lemon is a common issue in the West, where Cracked Heels are one of the worst things that happens during the winter, before the summer season and start wearing sandals and exposed shoes.

Heel care, such as creams, scrubs, stone scrubs and other methods, often requires a lot of effort, follow-up, and money, and these methods may not yield any results.

Therefore, we will give the best solution to get rid of cracked heels, and a kitchen the same, simple and cheap way, using lemon.

Method of using lemon to treat cracked heels

  1. Choose a lemon large enough that it can cover the heel of your foot, and squeeze it out of its liquid.
  2. Use the peel (after squeezing it) and fix it on your heel
  3. Put half of the lemon on the heel, covering it completely, this will seem strange at first, but you will quickly get used to it, and try to rub the lemon on the roughest parts.
  4.  Always wear socks to keep the lemon firmly in place, as it will act as a chemical peel and remove all dry and cracked skin.
  5.  Leave the lemon on the heels for at least an hour, and it is better to stay overnight, it is easier because of the inability to walk during the day, and the lemon on the heels.

- It can seem like another trick, which will not result in anything, but the results are really amazing, after just one night, your heels will become softer, all the cracks will disappear, and after the cream grease, it will look like you are just coming from the pedicure Center.

- The for best results, when cracked heels, it is necessary to repeat this process more than once, and in the case never set or didn't fancy lemon, you can put the Onion article.

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