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Treatment of goiter without surgery naturally

Treatment of goiter without surgery naturally

Treatment of goiter or thyroid disorder that leads to fatigue, weakened immunity, bloating of the face, dry skin, irregular menstruation, muscle spasms and sudden weight gain, does not necessarily require surgical or chemical intervention, but it needs some prevention and care in the quality of food, because the stomach is home to the disease .

Natural remedies with medication struggling symptoms

A balanced diet

  • Free from processed, canned, preserved, genetically modified, hydrogenated oils, white flour, artificial colors and flavors.

The treatment is to include in the diet whole grains, vegetables and fruits

Avoid soy

  • Soy interferes with thyroid levels and increases insufficiency, as it reduces thyroid production, exacerbates symptoms

Essential and natural oils and fatty acids

  • Maintains healthy thyroid production
  • Omega-3 (fish oil) boosts thyroid hormone, boosts immunity, and reduces inflammation causing hypothyroidism.
  • Avocado fats, nuts, flaxseed and walnuts adjust hormonal balance
  •  Coconut oil enhances immunity ( virgin oil is always preferred )

Avoid caffeine and sugars

  • Caffeine and carbohydrates disrupt the diseased thyroid gland. Starchy foods reduce metabolism and increase deficiency damage


  • They help in the integrated distribution of thyroxine, such as nuts, vegetables, eggs, meat and legumes.

Natural iodine

  • Essential for thyroid
  • Its regular rate adjusts thyroid levels. Because a decrease or increase in iodine leads to thyroid disorder.
  • Artificial iodine raises iodine levels too much which hinders thyroid production.
  • Natural iodine is present in seafood, seaweed, are the best.

Addition of probiotics

Probiotics are gut-friendly bacteria that help digestion and improve metabolism.  Which improves thyroid function

Apple cider vinegar

  • Hormone regulator, metabolism enhancer, warrior for weight, cholesterol, pressure and diabetes
  • A spoonful of vinegar with honey with warm water improves thyroid activity, relieves symptoms

Physical exercise

  • Regulates and balances the work of body systems, regulating thyroid functions
  • Improves mood, metabolism, clears toxins, decreases weight
  • Exercise 30 minutes regularly, reduces thyroid symptoms associated with fatigue, loss of appetite and osteoporosis

Estrogen control

  • Estrogen disorder in women is a cause of thyroid insufficiency. This is due to the frequent consumption of meat, dairy and birth control pills and thus the depletion of thyroxine


A doctor should always be consulted when following any natural treatment with medication, excessive thyroid hormone leads to hyperthyroidism

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