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Treatment of polycystic ovaries with natural herbs tried

Treatment of polycystic ovaries with natural herbs tried

Treatment of polycystic ovaries with herbs is the first step that women resort to after consulting a doctor, before resorting to any other type of treatment, because polycystic ovaries are common at all ages, due to hormonal disorder that leads to the cessation of normal work of the ovaries and the appearance of fluid-filled abscesses in women .

  • Symptoms of polycystic ovaries
  • Abnormal menstruation
  • Fertility problems
  • Acne
  • Weight gain
  • Unusual hair growth (facial)
  • High blood pressure

- Doctors confirm a link to the cyst by heredity, it is associated with hormonal disorder and the body's resistance to insulin and increased androgens and testosterone (male hormone)

- The side effects left by hormonal drugs are many, so there is no better than consulting your doctor to take the same active substances with medicines by natural remedies:

Flax seeds

Reduce androgen, and contain testosterone-regulating lignan, mix a teaspoon of seeds in a glass of water and drink until you notice a noticeable change

The palm of Mary

Regulates the activities of the pituitary gland and thus balances the disturbed hormonal activities that cause polycystic

Anesthetic (evening primrose)

Effectively useful for the skin effects of polycystic, help lower blood cholesterol

Black cohosh

As well as entering the PCOS industry, cohosh has been instrumental in treating menopausal symptoms in women


Increases insulin sensitivity, increases calorie burn to prevent future cysts

Pointed mint

A glass of mint for a couple of weeks helps with PCOS, reduces the level of testosterone

The ring

Reduces polycystic symptoms, promotes hormone-regulating glucose metabolism


A recent Italian study suggests the roots of sweat mite as a herb that reduces testosterone in the blood in women with polycystic syndrome, The Roots also stimulate ovulation, blocking the enzyme producing the male hormone testosterone


Basil leaves reduce the symptoms of polycystic, have anti-androgenic properties, and help manage insulin levels, chewing 8-12 leaves a day will give you effective results

Fish oil

Omega - 3 in fish oil may be your best bet to treat polycystic ovaries, as this oil regulates androgen levels.

Fruits of sawfish (Sabal)

Useful to prevent testosterone from converting to dihydrotestosterone, the causative agent of the disease, but not recommended for lactating and pregnant.

Important advice :

Consult your doctor before taking any herbal treatment because each body has its own response
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