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Treatment of recurrent headaches naturally without medication

Treatment of recurrent headaches naturally without medication

Treatment of frequent headaches without medication is something that many are looking for because headaches are one of the most annoying temporary diseases with a lot of stress at work, study or even in everyday life everyone suffers from headaches almost daily, sometimes the pain may extend to the neck, upper back and shoulders, feeling very painful and also annoying, here are habits and foods

If you have frequent headaches, do what comes along.:

  1. Stay away from all mobile and electronic devices
  2. Eating a KO of hot tea or coffee, caffeine helps relieve and treat headaches
  3. Go to a relatively dark and quiet room.
  4. Lie on your back and massage the side of the eyes towards the hands for five minutes and then reverse.

Foods that help treat frequent headaches

  1. Water: headaches may arise from lack of water or dehydration more than water intake when feeling headache and also more than water to prevent headaches
  2. Coffee and tea: caffeine found in coffee and tea helps reduce headache pain
  3. Spinach: they contain magnesium that helps lower blood pressure
  4. Red pepper: headache may be caused by sinusitis eating red pepper helps treat inflammation and congestion because it contains vitamin C
  5. Lemon and citrus: citrus fruits contain a high content of vitamin C which contributes significantly to the treatment of headaches
  6. Vegetables and fruits: help in the process of hydrating the body and also contain vitamins, antioxidants help in the Prevention of headaches and treatment in cases of headache simple

-If the pain continues to take a mild analgesic pill but beware excessive intake of analgesic pills and if the pain continues after taking the painkiller see the doctor immediately to do the necessary tests. headache may be caused by illness or lack of vitamins.

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