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Types of eating that helps deep sleep

Types of eating that helps deep sleep

All helps to sleep it is known that eating heavy meals, certain foods may keep you from falling asleep, and you often later try to avoid them, but the good thing to know also is that there are also some foods and drinks that put you in a good mood to fall asleep.

These foods include, in particular, everything that contains ryptophan ( an amino acid such as serotonin and melatonin), whole grain carbohydrates (which promote the production of serotonin), certain minerals such as (soothing calcium and magnesium), some herbs that have a calming effect) that can make you numb.

Types of sleep aids

If you want a restful sleep, have a snack an hour before going to bed, the appropriate suggestions are:

1. Half a banana and a hand grip of almonds

In the absence or unwillingness to eat bananas, it can be replaced with Cherries, a natural source of melatonin

2. Whole grain Crackers with peanut butter

Another magical composition ( terbitophan + compound carbohydrates) promotes deep sleep.

3. A glass of warm milk

Drinking warm milk before bed can better help sleep and contains tryptophan, calcium, and magnesium, taking care that the Cup is small and not huge, otherwise it keeps entering the bath all night.

4. A small bowl of whole grains, milk

Sites wags, calcium, magnesium, talking with carbs, grain and magnesium to make you feel sleepy, choose a cereal low sugar until no blood sugar rises and activate, or edit the oatmeal with hot milk because oats are a rich source of Bailey.

5. Half a sandwich of Turkish chicken meat

Make a sandwich from whole grain bread (rich in complex carbohydrates and magnesium), two slices of Turkish chicken ( the most famous source of tiptophan), and add low-sugar raspberry sauce if desired.

6. A cup of herbal tea

Chamomile tea, passion flowers, Valerian all have a sleepy effect, and to increase the amount of calming can be added a teaspoon of honey containing tiptophan (stay away from ginseng tea because it has a tonic effect).

You should pay attention to keep the snacks, and not eating so don't push yourself to freedom and progress throughout the night or get calories extra because they'll help you sleep.

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