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Types of food that give energy and activity to the body

Types of food that give energy and activity to the body

Eat gives energy we can get breakfast is the first meal most people, the best thing to do to be healthy, to save energy in the end. And cold winter days need more energy breakfast to raise body temperature. The stomach is a heat-generating center, and here are a number of breakfast ideas that make winter morning meals warm.

Tagine : can contain vegetables, eggs, and bread, but remain sink hot air, which helps to warm.

Dried fruits: Dried Fruits group which is a cold fighting food and stomach safety.

Oat bread with apples: supports and energizes your body's energy output centers.

Omelet with cheese: is an important vitamin meal that gives a wonderful feeling of energy . Or hard-boiled egg sandwiches with cheese as well .

Thinking to fight the cold wave with pancakes and various drinks such as coffee, tea or a hot cup of milk for the body .

Peaches with whole grain bread : to begin with a great day of healthy foods.

Cranberry cake: you go a long way from your day with the heat to protect your body from cold weather.

Roasted pears and hazelnuts : they can be combined with toast for more heat to improve your metabolism.

Banana sandwich: which gives a vital energy boost to your life in the cold morning, because it contains carbohydrates and sugar .

Apricots with nuts as walnuts: provide vitamins and proteins for more health benefits.

Spinach with bread : it is more a treat than a breakfast, spinach has the minerals necessary for your body to function properly and the presence of whole wheat crust with it gives energy, but flows in the proper form .

Citrus fruit salad: served with eggs and toast helps the body heat its most difficult parts and far limbs .

Refrigerated cereal keeps months fresh in the fridge, but try heating it up to make it as fresh as it was on the first day of storage.

Hot soups that boost your body heat from the inside, rich in vegetables, and bread can be eaten alongside them.

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