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Useful and delicious fruits

Useful and delicious fruits

It's rare to ask your dietitian to let you eat more and say yes! You'll probably never find someone to tell you that. But this time the answer is yes, you can eat more, but eat what??? We'll tell you, it's a delicious and fresh berry of all kinds.

These small, low-calorie grains serve as a sea of important vitamins and minerals that make them valuable in every sense of the word.

Here in the UAE, you can find multiple types of berries in supermarkets, such as blueberries, black berries, strawberries, cranberries, currants, raspberries and goji berries. These types of berries contain a lot of antioxidants, for example, goji berries contain antioxidants 20 times stronger than red wine. So this fruit family, with its antioxidant properties, not only helps you overcome signs of aging, but also contains vitamins and minerals that help muscles contract, grow and regenerate. Moreover they are very beneficial for heart health and digestion as well.

Wonderful goji berries – this type of berry is known for its great ability to purify the body from toxins.

Beautiful blueberries – known for their strong nutritional value that can protect the body from aging problems and diseases.

  • Attractive strawberries - the favorite fruit of all times and the most versatile in terms of use, as they can be used with milk, yogurt, oats, or alone as juice or as refreshing iced syrup. Contains a small amount of calories of no more than 32 kcal per 100 grams. It also has amazing properties in resisting the factors that cause infections in the body.
  • Black berries - It is diverse in its strawberry-style use, used in many baked goods and making different types of sauce and jelly or as a salad ingredient. Approximately one cup contains 8 grams of fiber, and this high fiber ratio helps give you a longer feeling of fullness and reduces the risk of recuperation, constipation and heart disease. It is also an important source of vitamin C, which works to prevent the risk of cell damage and has an important role in wound healing.
  • Delicious cranberries - a delicious fruit that lasts all year round, and its delicious taste will always make you ask for more. It contains a large amount of phytonutrients, which naturally produce phytochemicals which help fight harmful free electrolytes, provide the body with anti-inflammatory properties and prevent cancer. Cranberry juice has the potential to contribute to preventing urinary tract infections.
  • Amazing raspberries – These stunning red fruits contain the highest percentage of vitamin C, with one cup of these fresh berries providing 88% of your body's daily need for vitamin C. Regular eating of raspberries is also associated with prevention of eye diseases such as decreased vision, night blindness, eye water and blue water.
  • Delicious currants - Currants enhance the absorption of nutrients and balance stomach acid, also help strengthen and fortify the liver, nourish the brain to improve mental functions, in addition to supporting the heart, strengthen the lungs, regulate the elimination of free electrolytes, raise the level of fertility, help the urinary system in its performance, promote the health of the skin and hair, cool the body heat and rid it of various toxins, in addition to increasing vitality, strengthening the muscles of the eyes, improving muscle strength in general and considered as an antioxidant. Because these fruits provide treatment for many conditions, they are widely used in ancient Indian Ayurveda treatment methods.

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