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Very important .. Damage to ice cubes in drinks

Very important .. Damage to ice cubes in drinks

Instead of ordering ice with your drink in restaurants and cafes, I strongly advise you to order chilled drinks inside their packaging so as to dispense with the use of ice cubes especially if the lady is pregnant, and this is not just an exaggeration for very important reasons .

What is the damage of ice cubes ?

We can't determine the quality of the water used within the machines that manufacture snow is healthy water is completely free of impurities .

Don't know if those machines are subject to regular maintenance to adjust her performance health .

Ice machines are the last thing to think about cleaning from the inside and this is not just talk, one blogger interested in food and health has published terrifying images of the fat of sediment and dirt he extracted from the ice machine after cleaning it .

How can I be sure of this dog?

Very simply we invite you to do this experiment, so when you order your favorite drink, order a glass with ice cubes in it

Do not approach the glass and leave the ice until it begins to melt , and then taste the resulting water, you will find that it has a different taste than the water with some acidity resulting from the contamination of this water.

Your health matters to us, so I hope I don't come out to someone to say to me : we drink beverages with ice cubes for decades and did not hurt, and I want simply : do you wait until the hunted .
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