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Ways to get rid of bacteria that grow on meat


Ways to get rid of bacteria that grow on meat

If you do not separate it from your food, the spread of bacteria and germs occurs when drops of raw meat spill on fruits, vegetables or foods in the refrigerator, and follow these simple steps in the store, kitchen, and storage, make you avoid any kind of meat poisoning :

Tips to avoid bacteria that grow on meat

In the store while buying raw meat, poultry, fish and eggs keep them separate from foods and fruits inside the shopping cart and grocery bags.

Place the bags in the back seat instead of the heavily polluted trunk .

Keep raw meat in the bottom shelf of the refrigerator in a sealed container or plastic bag to ensure that the foods under it do not drip.

Stay eggs in the original cardboard, store it on the shelves of the refrigerator instead of the door, because it is much friction by hand and foods .

Before moving on to prepare food you should wash your hands thoroughly with warm soapy water for 20 seconds after handling raw meat, so as not to move on to food.

Wash the dishes thoroughly and it is best to allocate dishes in the kitchen: for example, one for raw meat and another for cooked foods.

Do not use a knife chicken raw food preparation and and, and if you cut these foods for cooking, might be temperature level vegetables is not enough to kill the bacteria as a planer meat, so cook meat alone then add it to print .

Avoid using a chopping board for both meat and vegetables, as this board is a hotbed for the accumulation of bacteria and microbes .

Pay attention to the handle of the wash basin faucet, clean it, before washing your hands at the end of your work with raw meat, because it is the first to touch it after your hands are contaminated and the last to hold it .

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