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Ways to prevent diabetic foot before it's too late

Ways to prevent diabetic foot before it's too late

 Prevention of diabetic foot is part of the body care and routine practices that people with diabetes should follow, and many doctors and healthcare professionals advise patients with diabetes to focus especially on foot care.

People with diabetes are more susceptible to foot health problems than others, due to various reasons. For example, people with diabetes may be more likely to be exposed to bacteria that are difficult to treat due to their slow recovery.

All people with diabetes are advised to visit a doctor to check their feet once a year and learn about the practices to follow or to stay away from when it comes to foot care.

General tips for caring for your feet

  • Check your feet every day: pay attention to any spots, cuts, pustules or infections and monitor them regularly, and if you notice any changes such as wounds not healing or discoloration of spots, immediately contact your doctor.
  • Follow a more active lifestyle:physical activity improves human health and allows blood to move more freely and easily to all ends of the body, preventing health problems such as polyneuropathy.
  • Wearing comfortable shoes at all times: do not buy shoes small size may cause pustules in turn lead to inflammation of the feet. The socks should also be comfortable for the feet and not be too tight to prevent blood circulation in your feet.
  • Keep blood flowing to your feet during long sitting periods: move your feet upward if you are sitting for long hours, as well as move your toes and knees, and avoid placing one leg on top of the other for long periods of time. We also advise you to rest your eyes and feet by occasionally walking around the office or in your room.
  • Take care of your feet as of today: choose a day of the week to examine and take care of your feet, and make this day a routine exercise to protect yourself from any potential health problems.

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