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What are the benefits and damage of legumes?

What are the benefits and damage of legumes?

Benefits and harm of legumes-legumes are a natural power rich in protein, fiber, B vitamins, iron

Potassium and low in fat. But also may lead to potential health problems.

Benefits of pulses:

1. Protects against heart disease 

Studies have shown that people who eat more legumes are less likely to have heart disease

It is partly thanks to phytochemicals found in pulses which can

Protects against these problems.

2. Fighting cancer

Pulses contain a wide range of cancer-resistant phytochemicals especially isoflavones

And phytocetrol which is associated with reducing cancer exposure problems.

3. Can lower cholesterol 

Pulses provide the body with dissolved fiber which plays an important role in controlling blood cholesterol levels.

Studies have found that approximately 10g of fiber, soluble fiber per day reduced LDL-cholesterol levels by about 10%.

Pulses also contain saponins and phytosterols that help lower cholesterol.

4. Helps reduce weight

Eating one serving of legumes helps to feel full quickly. Because the rich fiber content fills the stomach and causes

A slower rise in blood sugar, which eliminates the feeling of hunger for longer, and gives the body a steady source of energy.

5. Help control diabetes

Legumes are an amazing food for diabetics, so we should not lose sight of its health benefits.

For between complex carbohydrates and routine provides the body with a constant source of glucose instead of high-sugar

Sudden that can occur after eating simple carbohydrates.

Harm of legumes :

Some types of pulses can trigger migraines or allergic reactions in some people. In case of

So you should consult a doctor and keep the culprit out of the diet.

1. Can raise blood pressure

If a person is taking MAO antidepressant medication should avoid eating beans because a reaction may occur with the drug

And raises blood pressure.

2. Can interfere with vitamin absorption

Some pulses, such as health, contain substances that can interfere with the absorption of beaten and vitamins B12 and D.

The heat from cooking disrupts the work of most of these substances, making the absorption of vitamins greater. It's better.

Compensate for these vitamins by eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables with green or yellow leaves.

Meat ( for vitamin B12).

3. Gout can trigger 

If a person is suffering from gout, a doctor should be consulted about the amount actually consumed pulses. People

Who suffer from this disease are often advised to avoid legumes because of their high content of purine ( organic compound

Colorless and transparent). Susceptible people purine increases urine acid levels and can accelerate the attack of gout.

4. Gases can cause

Can cause pulses the problem of flatulence ( gas), although this is not technically a health problem. In particular

Dry legumes, lentils and peas.

Gas production can be reduced by changing the water soaked in pulses for several times and cooking processes, or by adding

Herbs while cooking legumes such as fenugreek, caraway or mixing cooked legumes with acidic food can prevent bloating.

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