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What are the benefits and damages of cold and hot karakadia ?

What are the benefits and damages of cold and hot karakadia ?

Benefits of hibiscus is a shrub up to two meters high, with a STEM and red flower and is grown in most Arab countries, and it is the benefit of its dried red flower in the preparation of the drink, and it has become a popular drink all over the world, and hibiscus drink is similar to the flavor of :

Regulation of blood pressure

Hibiscus is recommended as an antihypertensive substance by administering urine and fighting infections that cause hypertension.


Hibiscus antioxidants are highly effective in lowering levels of harmful cholesterol in the body, in order to preserve the heart and blood vessels from damage, and help diabetics better manage the disease .

Protects the liver and fight cancer

Hibiscus contains an important type of acid that helps fight cancer and delay its growth and development.

Studies show hibiscus as a supporter of liver health by saving its tissues from free radicals

Anti-inflammatory and bacteria

 Hibiscus is rich in vitamin C essential for the body in promoting and stimulating immune system activity against infections, bacteria, colds and flu, and relieving fever symptoms.

Menstrual pain

The health benefits of hibiscus also include relieving cramps and menstrual pain, restoring hormonal balance and treating mood swings, depression and overeating.


 Hibiscus contains antidepressant vitamins and minerals, which can calm the nervous system, relieve anxiety and insomnia.

Improve digestion

Hibiscus is often used by people to improve digestion, expel toxins, stimulate bowel movement, treat constipation, reduce weight and avoid colorectal cancer.

Quenching sports thirst

Hibiscus is used for the same purposes as sports drinks that stimulate satiety and thirst, and is consumed iced in order to cool the body and expel excess fluid very quickly.

Weight loss

Hibiscus studies have found the ability to lose weight by diluting the absorption of starch and glucose.

Warm winter and cool summer

Hot hibiscus lifts body heat in Winter very quickly, and vice versa, Frozen Hibiscus can cool the body just as effectively and quickly in summer.

Side effects

Does not fit hibiscus designers down blood pressure, and not recommended for pregnant women, it stimulates the blood flow to uterus and the pelvis, not recommended with a pill or those with hormonal treatments .

Some people may feel poisoned or hallucinated so we avoid hibiscus with the condition of driving a car or bike.

Should consult a doctor in case of allergies, itching, red eyes, sinuses, fever.

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