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What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar for dry hair?

What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar for dry hair?

Benefits of apple cider vinegar for dry hair-vinegar is not only an important ingredient in many delicacies, or as a disinfectant for vegetables and fruits or to prepare a cleanser

Excellent for all types of surfaces, utensils and kitchens, but also extends its effect to the hair, it's able to make it more shine and health.

Apple cider vinegar has risen as an effective ingredient in making hair natural, curly and in good condition and leaving it shiny and smooth without affecting oils

Natural hair.

Citric acid contained in apple cider vinegar helps to destroy bacteria that clog pores and polish hair along its length, leaving it soft and moist.

To prepare a suitable hair home mixture of apple cider vinegar, mix 1 part of apple cider vinegar ( only apple cider vinegar and no other) with 3 parts of.

Water and use it after shampooing .

Just turn your head back and slowly pour the mixture over the scalp, closing the eyes and mouth. Bumi then stroking.

Or massage the roots of the hair before rinsing and moisturizing as usual.

It is true that the bath will have a salad-like smell for only a few minutes and the smell of vinegar will be stuck in your hair until it dries but.

You will receive a high level of care and you'll get a gorgeous appearance to the people.

Another pleasant fact, which is that this home mixture is absolutely safe with dyed, curly, dry hair or all types of hair, so it will be.

Every hair type can benefit from it. But care must be taken to note that vinegar is acidic, which should be used only once.

Only one per week (or a maximum of two times).

If you don't want to make lye this, you can get product close to it blends with the apple cider vinegar each of oil of Iran, aloe vera.

Glycerin to moisturize the hair. The smell of hair will also be lighter after washing than this mixture.

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