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What are the benefits of apricots Indian

What are the benefits of apricots Indian

Benefits of Indian apricot ( ackadian ) from evergreen trees that possess bright orange fruit, with a delicious and sweet flavor, and may be native to Japan or China, and later spread to the countries of Asia, America and the Mediterranean regions, and its fruit is used as a jam, juice or its leaves are used as a healthy drink to treat various diseases, so

Health benefits 

Blood pressure control

 Potassium in echinacea works to adjust and relieve blood pressure by the mechanism of vasodilation, helping to protect the heart and arteries, and potassium also works to increase the blood flow of the cerebral capillaries, improving cognition and memory .

Prevention of diabetes

Studies have found in St. in an effective way to treat diabetes, lowering blood sugar and regulate insulin levels, glucose, fish in effective prevention against diabetes .

Prevent the occurrence of cancer

 Antioxidants found in any able to restrict the free radicals generated by cellular metabolic processes within the body, associated tea specifically decrease the incidence of lung cancer and mouth .

Calming for the respiratory system

Ecdenia tea is used as an expectorant for cases of leaching, colds and respiratory infections, promoting the expulsion of sputum and disease-causing bacteria .

The immune system

Ecdonia is a great source of vitamin C, which supports the immune system in producing white blood cells against microbes and germs .

 This vitamin acts as an antioxidant and stimulator of tissue and skin restorative collagen production .

Improve digestion

Pectin is a type of dietary fiber that helps stimulate intestinal motility, helping to regulate digestion and preventing constipation, inflammation, diarrhea, cramping, bloating or other disorders .

Strengthen bones

Studies show that ecdenia can prevent loss of bone density in all parts of the body, due to its rich content of vitamins, nutrients and natural hormones, so it is very important for postmenopausal women 

Boost energy and activity

Ecdonia supports red blood cells with high concentrations of iron, which transports oxygen throughout the body, thereby promoting blood circulation, accelerating healing, and increasing energy and activity .


If consumed in large quantities, can be toxic, whether fruit or leaves, so you should take care in eating it, and with the appearance of allergy symptoms, better to consult a doctor before taking any dietary supplement .

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