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What are the benefits of beans?

What are the benefits of beans?

The dishes from which beans are made are integrated meals because the benefits of beans are high in health.

What are the benefits of beans?

  1.  Beans contain many nutrients such as salts, minerals, vitamins, fiber, fats, proteins and sugars.
  2. Beans are known to be high in calories
  3. Beans provide the body with vitality and activity especially green from it where it is considered one of the nutrients known for removing fatigue and weakness from the body
  4.  Beans strengthen the body's immunity against several diseases
  5. Beans are reduced by their fibers and maintain their blood sugar level and maintain stability
  6.  Helps the digestive system in its work as it prevents constipation and is full of fiber, which facilitates digestion
  7. Good for the nervous system where it nourishes and calms nerve cells
  8. Fights free radicals causing several damages such as cancers and aging factors
  9. Beans are a good food for the heart and blood vessels, preventing blockage and moisturizing of vessels, lowering cholesterol in the body, raising the rate of good in it and lowering high blood pressure.
  10. Maintains healthy and fresh skin as it prevents the appearance of wrinkles and moisturizes their tissues and cells making them moist and soft

About the beans?

  • Beans are a type of green plants that are in the form of a century with seeds suitable for eating in all stages a member of the legume family to which beans and beans belong and benefit from the whole fruit where they are eaten green as the seeds inside are used and dried and enter in the preparation of delicious and nutritious dishes used fresh, dried, raw and cooked known since the time of the Egyptian Pharaohs and have used it in many areas and at present the fat beans to which lemon is added Garlic and olive oil are an essential meal for breakfast in many countries, especially Egypt, where beans originate in Central Asia.
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