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What are the benefits of black chocolate for the heart?

What are the benefits of black chocolate for the heart?

Benefits of black chocolate for the heart-chocolate is a favorite food not only because of its taste but for its health benefit, in the latest guide published a study in August.

In the Journal of Neuroscience, researchers found that chocolate helps older people maintain their brain health and active thinking.

Study participants who ate two cups of cocoa for 30 days showed an improvement in blood flow to the brain by 8.3 %

As they achieved their goals in improving memory and reasoning tests, this result is new and promising, but it's not the only health benefit of

Which comes as a result of eating chocolate, here are 3 reasons to make introducing chocolate into the diet smart:

1. for heart health:

Regular consumption of chocolate reduces heart stroke and high-risk stroke in some

Patients, according to a study published in 2012 in the journal BMJ.

2. potentially a cause of weight loss:

If you think chocolate is a weight-gain food you should redefine yourself with this wonderful taste, in a study.

I found that people who regularly eat chocolate are thinner than people who

Do not eat it, people who admitted to eating chocolate 5 times a week or more are lower for body mass than those who.

Eat them less, according to a 2012 study published in the journal Internal Medicine ( the 10 worst things that are good for you).

3 - set appetite:

Chocolate contains whole fibers and is a natural appetite suppressant, so those who eat chocolate frequently take

Fewer calories than if I tried to avoid chocolate.

Despite the many reasons to enjoy chocolate, the right kind must be chosen while retaining nutritional values:

-Dark chocolate is best for health :

Pure chocolate tastes very bitter, and it is mixed with other ingredients in the chocolate bar, but part of this board contains.

On the fiber – magnesium and antioxidants.

– Make your own hot cocoa:

Hot cocoa can be obtained from the best suitable combinations in chocolate and isuseful for health, to increase the natural benefit.

From cocoa I buy unsweetened cocoa powder and sweeten to taste, make it dark as much as you can tolerate.

- Get creative with cocoa.:

If you don't like eating a dark chocolate bar or drinking cocoa on a regular basis, you have other options.

Cocoa on oatmeal or cold cereals.

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