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What are the benefits of black honey for dry hair and health?

What are the benefits of black honey for dry hair and health?

Benefits of black honey for dry hair and health ..Molasses is a thick syrup produced when cane sugar is processed to make refined sugar for consumption. As toxic and unhealthy refined sugar invades supermarket shelves, the useful, nutrient-rich molasses, which contains all the minerals absorbed by the plant, is sold as food for livestock.

Fortunately, the nutritional value of molasses has become more popular and widespread, and most types of molasses are sold as baked ingredients, as sugar substitutes, and as dietary supplements for minerals, with a focus on black molasses, which is the best and most nutrient-rich molasses.

And we will give a list of the health benefits of nutritious black molasses:

1. Black molasses is good for hair

One serving (about 2 tbsp) of black molasses contains a maximum of 14% of the required daily intake of copper, a mineral important in skin reconstruction that supports healthy hair. Long-term consumption of molasses is therefore associated with improving the quality of hair, their growth in men, and even contributes to the restoration of its original color.

2. Safe local for diabetics

Unlike refined sugar, black molasses is a natural sweetener and is excellent for use as a sugar substitute by diabetics or people who are afraid of experiencing a sudden spike in blood sugar.

One serving of black molasses contains only 32 calories, and does not contain any fat. What makes it so suitable for a diet for weight loss.

3. Laxative for the intestine

Black molasses is a natural laxative and laxative of feces, can improve the regularity and quality of bowel movement.

4. Rich in iron

2 tablespoons of black molasses contains 13.2% of the amount required for daily consumption of iron, which our bodies need to carry oxygen to blood cells.

People who suffer from anemia (including pregnant women) can therefore benefit greatly from eating 1-2 tablespoons of black molasses per day.

5. High in calcium and magnesium

Black molasses has a mineral-rich profile and is naturally ideal for better absorption, example:

2 tablespoons of black molasses contain 11.7% of the required daily intake of calcium،

And 7. 3% of the required daily intake of magnesium.

This calcium – magnesium ratio is ideal, as our bodies need large amounts of magnesium to help absorb similar large amounts of calcium, both minerals that contribute to bone growth and improvement, making black molasses a great protector against osteoporosis and other bone diseases.

6. Additional mineral content

2 tablespoons of black molasses also contain :

 - 18% of our daily need for manganese (which helps produce energy from proteins and carbohydrates).

- 9.7% of the required daily intake of potassium (plays an important role for neurotransmitters and muscle contraction).

- 5% of the required daily amount of vitamin B6 (which helps improve skin and brain development).

- 3.4% of the required daily amount of selenium, an important antioxidant.

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