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What are the benefits of bone soup?

What are the benefits of bone soup?

Our mothers and grandmothers didn't make or serve anything in vain. that dish of bone broth is not just a regular dish.

Or guise is important but has great health benefits that no one may have guessed.

Gravy is an ancient food that has been used by various traditional cultures during and since ancient times.

But recently he regained his luster and fame. It is completely inexpensive and is a source of many nutrients.

Bone broth is prepared in a very simple and easy way from boiling the bones ( Lamb, cow, chicken and even fish) in water with an acidic substance such as vinegar.

Oregano to taste, vegetables and herbs. The boiling time of this broth varies depending on each environment, ranging from 4 hours to 48 hours.

Benefits of bone broth:

We will give a few of the many reasons why we should regularly eat gravy.

– Rich in food ingredients

Gravy is great for absorbing nutrients.

- The source of many nutrients

A source of many important nutrients that come in an easily digestible form due to their fatty acid structure.

The high content of gelatin makes it a calming and digestive treatment, and also improves the body's absorption of nutrients from other foods.

- Support the health of joints, skin, hair and nails.

Containing broth bone collagen which supports healthy hair, skin, and nails, as it contains clean

Chondroitin sulfate (an important substance in the formation of cartilage, giving it resistance to compression) and other compounds that support joint health.

- Bone broth provides the body with fatty acids

Required by collagen production. That maintains the smoothness of the skin, reduces wrinkles.

A study has also shown that gelatin in bone broth also helps strengthen hair and nails and accelerate their growth.

- Essential fatty acids

Bone broth is an excellent source of several essential fatty acids that are difficult to obtain from the diet alone.

- Proline

Used by the body to produce collagen, it helps break down proteins and improve skin elasticity and smoothness.

It also has benefits for the heart, some of which are to protect the arteries from hardening.

- Glycine Glycine

Important for DNA and RNA synthesis and digestion health, it is used in the production of glutathione to regulate blood sugar and digestion, it improves muscle repair and growth.

- Arginine Arginine

It helps the kidneys function properly, heal wounds, and help maintain cardiovascular health.

- And glutamine Glutamine

It has a role in healthy digestion, also helps with skin problems and others.

- Digestive and immune system health

Chicken soup is the cure Khalid disease, but recent research has begun to realize his greater role in the health of the immune system due to its high content.

Collagen and gelatin, which support the process and health of digestion, and fatty acids that help relieve inflammation.

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