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What are the benefits of calcium in the body

What are the benefits of calcium in the body

What are the benefits of calcium? In fact, the amount of calcium in our body is large compared to other minerals, and most people even today believe that calcium only helps to maintain bone strength and dental health, and is useful to protect against osteoporosis, and this information is not wrong because 99% of calcium is stored in bones and teeth.

The benefits of calcium are much greater

1. Calcium is one of the main nutrients the body needs to cope with certain health problems such as high blood pressure, heart attacks.

Symptoms of menstruation, colon cancer, calcium also supports the activities of enzymes, nerves, hormones, muscles.

2 you should always take care to meet the needs of our body for calcium, by eating foods that include it daily, because if the food does not contain enough calcium, the body will work to get it from inside the body and pull it from the bones, which leads to osteoporosis in old age.

3 calcium-containing supplements are recommended to reduce osteoporosis if you don't consume enough calcium-rich food.

Scientists from the University of New Zealand analyzed data that examined the effect of dietary supplements of calcium and vitamin D on heart disease in 29,000 postmenopausal premenopausal women and concluded that calcium supplements ( with or without vitamin D) increased stroke problems by 25%.

Some benefits of calcium for humans

- Activates nerves.

- Improves blood circulation

- Muscle suppressor.

- Adjusts blood pressure.

- Adjusts blood pH levels

- Maintains blood fluid balance

- Protects against osteoporosis

- It protects against heart disease

- Reduces the risk of colon cancer

- Overcoming cramps, back pain, rheumatism

- Relieves moaning during menstruation and menopause

- Reduces bone contraction during pregnancy and lactation

- Strengthens teeth, prevents bleeding gums

- Overcomes dry and cracked hands and legs

- Replaces diminished libido.

- Overcomes sugar (activates the pancreas)

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