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What are the benefits of coriander oil for the body

What are the benefits of coriander oil for the body

The benefits of coriander oil is very effective and effective, which is completely extracted from the coriander plant, which is known as a green herbaceous plant that resembles parsley leaves, but has a different smell from it, and coriander is used in the preparation of various dishes as well as used in home remedies .

The benefits of coriander oil are invaluable, so in this article we review some of them as a magical home remedy for various diseases and symptoms :

Tonic and stimulant

Coriander oil stimulates and warms the body's systems, stimulates enzymes and hormones and regulates endocrine secretions, while improving appetite and digestion, brain and nervous system functions, so coriander oil is considered the best product to fight lethargy, laziness and depression .

Natural analgesic 

The ingredients of coriander oil are effective in relieving pain associated with teeth, headaches, joints and muscles associated with collisions .

E. coli infections

A new Portuguese study indicates the effectiveness of coriander oil in killing bacteria and germs in general, E. coli and salmonella in particular .


Coriander oil is an internal body lotion for purifying blood and removinguric acid and toxins suspended in the body .

A teaspoon of coriander oil will prevent the formation of gases in the abdomen, thereby relieving chest, stomach and bowel pain .


Coriander oil deodorant as a result of fighting the odor bacteria with sweat prevent their formation, and also eliminate internal body odors, it is used as a mouthwash, stomach and intestines to prevent unpleasant odor .


Coriander oil is used to prevent food from being damaged by bacteria, so it is a food preservative as well as a flavoring substance .

Fat and weight loss

Women will find an easy and safe way to lose weight with oil, coriander, thanks to its ability to accelerate the mechanism of lipolysis and implications from them, and the oil is used in very small quantities, and use it after consulting your doctor pregnant and lactating women, the falls have a effective impact on the body .


Coriander oil prevents nervous spasms and spasms of the limbs and intestines after exercise .

Sexual desire

Coriander oil increases libido and heals temporary impotence, prevents male and female frigidity, erectile dysfunction .


Coriander oil is a highly effective and effective substance, and excessive in large doses exposes you to health risks related to temporary loss of control and movement, and what we are talking about in this article as a treatment: is to take a teaspoon of it or as a topical application, and most importantly consult a doctor to prevent drug interferences and allergies .
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