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What are the benefits of curry leaves

What are the benefits of curry leaves

Benefits of curry leaves from famous tropical plants in India, China, Australia and Nigeria people usually use them as ground powder from dried leaves for flavorful flavor purposes without knowing anything about their significant health benefits .

Nutritional value

Curry leaves contain carbohydrates, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium and copper necessary for the health of the body and its prevention of diseases .

Curry leaves contain vitamins A(B) (E) (C) with antioxidants, amino acids and flavonoids .

Health benefits of curry leaves

Digestive system, diabetes and cholesterol

Curry leaves are a laxative for treating chronic digestive problems, and at the same time an antidiarrheal substance due to the presence of carbazole (semi-alkali)

These benefits are obtained from Curry juice extracted from the leaves, after adding lemon juice or yogurt to it, and drink on an empty stomach in the morning.

Curry leaves prevent hyperglycemia, reduce levels of harmful cholesterol, to prevent our body from diabetes and heart disease.

Prevention of cancer and its effects

High antioxidant with curry leaves with vitamins(A)(B)(E)(C) will act as a protective barrier against oxidative stress resulting from free radicals and carcinogens, so it is a great benefit to add soup vegetables that we eat it usually .

Phenol and leaf-like alkalinity carbazole will prevent leukemia, prostate, colon and rectum .

Studies have shown positive results of curry leaves in reducing the effects of chemotherapy and radiation, and their damage to the cells of the body .

Hair growth, Skin Health and eye protection

Curry leaves support hair growth by promoting root health, applied as a dry powder for leaves with olive oil, especially for gray hair cases, curry leaves can be placed in lukewarm coconut oil, applied to strengthen hair and prevent graying .

Curry leaves promote eye health and eyesight thanks to their high amounts of vitamin A with carotenoids that protect the cornea of the eye .

Curry leaves have shown useful properties in the skin care process, they can be applied as a dressing to burns, bruises, areas of irritation of the skin and insect bites in order to accelerate their healing, protect them from microbes .

Protect the liver from damage

Research has shown the effective capabilities of curry leaves in the fight against bacterial and fungal infections, plays a large role in protecting the body from viral attacks caused by infection, and showed that the leaf-like tannins and carbazole can protect liver cells, from inflammation and fibrosis .


Using curry leaves for cooking is better useful and healthy than powder .

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