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What are the benefits of drinking honey on the throat

What are the benefits of drinking honey on the throat

The benefits of drinking honey on an empty stomach certainly useful according to recent experiences, because honey is a sugary food rich in acids, vitamins and minerals, and has great and great benefits, no less important than the benefits of lemon, and for this reason we will talk about the benefits of these two substances together in one drink .

  • Drink
  • 1⁄lemon juice
  • 1 teaspoon honey
  • 1 cup warm water(not hot)
  • Benefits of honey syrup with lemon
  • Skin

The drink cleanses the body and blood, to achieve skin fineness and skin collagen support

Removes wrinkles and acne, it can be applied directly to remove pigmentation

Weight loss

The drink prevents overeating, it fights hunger cravings, creates a healthy alkaline atmosphere in the stomach, to help lose weight quickly .

Promotes metabolism

The drink promotes metabolism, to strengthen the body and burn fat, thanks to the presence of citric acid necessary for the chain of metabolic chemical reactions .

Improve digestion

The drink gives the digestive process a strengthening boost to digestion, promotes bile with the liver, reduces indigestion, heartburn, belching and bloating .

Bowel cleansing

The drink increases the motility of the gastrointestinal tract to cleanse the intestines, moisturize it and rid it of accumulated substances, thereby preventing constipation .

Boosts immunity

The drink is used as a complementary remedy for asthma and other inflammatory respiratory symptoms, it is effective with colds and flu .

Enhances the absorption of iron the body, to support the organization, but potassium youth stimulates the brain and nerves to control blood pressure, as well as fight free radicals anti-oxidants and strong .


The drink stimulates the liver to detoxify, increases urination rates in order to expel toxic substances faster, making the urinary tract clean and sterile, it is a useful remedy for frequent urinary infections in women .

Setting the PH)

Lemon is an acidic substance in its composition, but it turns into an alkaline food inside our bodies, helping to adjust the body'S pH in non-acidic degrees, removing uric acid from accumulation, to treat pain and gout conditions in the joints .

Promotes healing

The drink promotes wound healing, maintains the health of bones, connective tissue, cartilage .

Refreshes the same mouth

The drink helps remove the smell of the mouth and relieve tooth pain and gingivitis, however we must realize the seriousness of the citric acid in lemon, in the erosion of tooth enamel, it should thoroughly clean the teeth brushing and water after administration .


  • Don't drink coffee, tea, after drinking for at least an hour
  • We wash the mouth thoroughly to reduce the traces of lemon on the tooth enamel
  • Some people may have vomiting on an empty stomach, can we eat something light before

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