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What are the benefits of eating dates on an empty stomach?

What are the benefits of eating dates on an empty stomach?

Dates, good food, yummy and nutritious, apart from the delicious taste, it's healthy, incredibly can be an enormous amount of benefits.

Health for the body, as it is rich in healthy fiber, minerals and vitamins that help relieve painful constipation and diarrhea.

And other intestinal complaints .

Autumn is the season of dates, and dates range from medjul dates, which are rich in sweet taste, to Akai dates, a tropical palm fruit.

The species we see in health food stores is the desert type.

Add 3 dates to your daily diet and these are 5 things you will get:

1. improves healthy digestion:

Dates contain soluble fiber and are essential for healthy digestion.

The presence of potassium treats stomach upset and diarrhea, as it works to balance the process.

Digestion through Brown Brown foods are great for digestion, and dates are powerful in combating bacteria in the stomach.

2 - treats and prevents anemia:

Anemia is a common disease that most people get from time to time, dates are a rich source of iron so it is.

It helps in the treatment of anemia, it leaves an anemia patient exhausted, and to increase the level of iron in the blood should take dates.

3. for healthy immune system, bones and blood:

Dates contain magnesium - manganese and selenium which prevents cancer

These minerals are essential to keep our bones and our blood strong and healthy, keep your bones strong by adding dates to your daily diet that tastes great.

4 - increases energy :

Dates contain natural sugar component of fruit sugar - cane sugar, dextrose is a quick meal

Afternoon for those who want to increase their energy quickly, skip energy drinks and eat two exercises at once.

That crashing it is a sweet-tasting therapeutic experience.

5. for heart health:

Potassium in dates lowers the incidence of stroke and lowers the level of harmful cholesterol, if you

Suffering from heart disease or you want to maintain your health you've probably heard the slogan, watch your HDL cholesterol, the kind that.

Heart damage is LDL bad cholesterol, if this cholesterol accumulates on the walls of your blood vessels, the higher the rate.

This cholesterol leads to heart attack and sudden blood clot, consumption of dates can reduce this harmful cholesterol and maintain.

On the heart is safe.

Add dates to your diet is an excellent way to get the full range of health benefits with delicious taste, in the end.

Good health depends on the concentration of fruit sugar even if the diet is sugar-free and devoid of high sugar levels.

The fruit in corn syrup, aloe vera, honey, coconut sugar, and cane sugar, you're probably still eating the fruit.

And dates are very useful fruit, when choosing dates look for fat dates without any cracking and has a smooth wrinkled skin and avoid dates that.

It has an unpleasant or harsh smell, dried dates can stay a year in the refrigerator as fresh dates can be cooled in airtight containers and sealed for 8 months.

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