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What are the benefits of eating an egg every day ?

What are the benefits of eating an egg every day?

The benefits of eating an egg every day what are they? Eggs provide our bodies with high quality protein, essential fatty acids, choline, minerals, vitamins (D) (A)) and antioxidants such as lutein and zeaxanthin .

Heart health

Cholesterol and heart studies between 1982 and 2015 have continued to suggest eggs as part of the body's LDL cholesterol and that it increases heart disease and stroke, but studies today find a link between egg intake and lower cases of stroke .

Research shows that eating one egg a day has no link to heart disease, on the contrary contributed to a 12% reduction in stroke injuries, and that it is a positive nutrient, with its antioxidant substances to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress .

Blood pressure

Eggs are an excellent source of protein associated with lowering blood pressure, one large egg will provide us with 6g of high quality protein, and eggs are also high in good cholesterol, which does not reflect negatively on the blood .

Eye health

The fact that eggs contain lutein and zeaxanthin along with antioxidants makes it very beneficial for eye health .

Weight loss

The benefits of eggs are also their ability to stimulate our bodies to consume fewer calories, which helps to lose weight significantly .

The study shows that boiled eggs are suitable for all ages on different body structure, and that boiled eggs have become the World diet for fitness and fitness, and dieting boiled eggs has been classified as an effective and successful diet for weight loss .

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