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What are the benefits of gardenia oil?

What are the benefits of gardenia oil?

The benefits of gardenia oil are great because the benefits of essential oils are countless, thanks to their high concentrations of nutrients complex in its aromatic aroma, which stimulates the brain to work and regulate, and this is true of the aroma of gardenia oil that is inhaled from its oil, which is extracted from the petals of its flower,

Health benefits of gardenia oil

Treatment of infections

 Gardenia oil contains anti-inflammatory substances to soothe the gastrointestinal tract, arthritis and headaches, and is applied topically to areas of pain.

Treatment of frigidity

The oily smell stimulates the brain's emotional control centers to treat frigidity for both men and women.

Wound healing

 Gardenia oil supports the immune system of our bodies by fighting germs that proliferate on areas of wounds and bruises, and is applied in a low concentration only to the areas around the wound .

Treatment of anxiety and mood changes

Enjoy your fragrance oil Gardenia ability to switch our mood towards easing the stress hormone levels, anxiety and depression, relieve the symptoms of oxidative stress the body .

Strengthen immunity

The properties of gardenia oil are antibacterial and antiviral substances that give skin and internal organs strong support against diseases, as well as supporting the production of white blood cells .

Respiratory problems

Inhalation of gardenia oil is necessary for cases of congestion, sore throat and sinus obstruction, and its smell can also kill the underlying bacterial infection .

Support milk production

The smell of gardenia oil can support the production of milk in nursing mothers, and doctors have indicated the amount of its use in small amounts and low concentration, so that its use remains at the safe level for mothers .

Activation of the body and memory

This oil enhances the body's circulatory activity, in order to support the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the body's weak perfusion areas, to combat fatigue and anemia, and to stimulate the processes of perception and concentration .

Digestive system

 Gardenia oil activates the activity of beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in the gastrointestinal tract, supporting absorption and metabolism processes, along with the ability of the oil to fight harmful bacteria that cause diseases of the stomach and intestines .

Side effects of gardenia oil

The side effects of gardenia oil are limited, and may be affected by the age of who uses it, however, it is generally a safe oil .

May cause oil Gardenia inflammation or skin irritation for people with sensitive skin, so it must be applied on a small area of the body, and low .

Doctors do not recommend Gardenia oil for pregnant women and children, it is good only for nursing mothers in supporting milk production, preferably consulting a doctor .

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