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What are the benefits of green okra ?

What are the benefits of green okra ?

The benefits of green okra grown around the world in warm temperate, tropical and subtropical regions, so we find it a thriving popular food in the Arab world, as well as the health benefits that drive us to prepare it year-round fresh or dried


Okra fibers work with their gum to combine with cholesterol and bile acids to stimulate the exit of toxins through the liver, and okra also blocks the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine


Okra supports the production of new cells because they contain folic acid, vitamin C and B

Lutein in okra prevents miscarriage and birth defects and promotes healthy fetal development.


Preparing a cup of cooked okra provides us with 80% of our daily need for vitamin K with 7% of the calcium necessary for bone health


Lectin in okra has been shown to carry anti-tumor effects especially breast cancers to inhibit 63% of cancer cells from growing


Okra gum is a balm for the intestines unlike wheat bran that irritates the lining of the intestine, and the gum helps to gently remove constipation


Vitamin A in okra protects the cornea of the eye, Lutein and zeaxanthin in it protect the eye from blue light and fight free radicals, and regular consumption of okra prevents and delays macular degeneration and cataracts

Stomach ulcer

Okra is slightly alkaline and thus helps to heal stomach ulcers by balancing intestinal inflammation acids

Healthy skin and hair

The use of water soaked in okra (soak okra with warm water) is a hairdresser, can be used to treat dry face and skin, and vitamin C in them plays an important role in the formation of collagen

Scientists also found positive effects of okra on diabetic nephropathy and relief of asthma symptoms

Important warning

Okra has many health benefits but we must know its richness (oxalate) which is a risk factor for kidney stones patients, because oxalate salts do not dissolve with water, and the main component of kidney stones are calcium oxalate

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