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What are the benefits of guava paper for hair?

What are the benefits of guava paper for hair?

The benefits of paper guava for Hair ... Hair Loss is a problem experienced by men and women. Today there are 7 people out of 10 suffer from this problem.

So we will offer a very natural treatment of guava that we usually leave the leaves and turn to the fruit. Knowing that the leaves contain 5 times.

Of antioxidants and vitamin C more than fruit.

Method of action of guava leaves for the treatment of hair loss

Guava leaves are undoubtedly the best natural remedy for hair loss and are also useful in increasing the platelets of patients.

Suffering from dengue fever.

Experts say that regular use of guava leaves can effectively prevent and treat hair loss. It also promotes hair growth.

The leaves are rich in vitamin B, which is vital for healthy hair growth.

- Guava leaves are boiled in a liter of water for about 20 minutes

- Cool the mixture to room temperature

- Massage the scalp with the mixture and leave for several hours and then rinse.

- For better results.:

Massage the scalp in the evening before bed, placed a hat protection on the head and leave until the next morning.

Tonic can also be applied to the roots of the hair and scalp before washing.

Treatment with guava leaves is highly effective and will undoubtedly solve hair problems, and regular use will promote growth.

Hair and strengthens pores and roots.

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