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What are the benefits of infrared?

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Benefits of infrared radiation for the body, the sun is the main product of infrared energy which turns into heat upon contact with the exposed surface.

Infrared massagers use a mixture of energy and pressure to stimulate the processes of cells and tissues.

Benefits of infrared massage for body tissues :

1. Infrared massage removes tension from muscle tissue

Muscle tissue, which is comfortable with blood circulation, improves by reducing the pressure surrounding the bloodstream.

The massager delivers the energy of these rays or heat to cells and tissues, and this thermal energy improves.

Massage effect by heating muscle tissue. Increasing blood circulation within any area increases cell susceptibility.

Tissues to receive oxygen and nutritional components needed for healthy functioning.

2. Heals tissues

Since stress and stress usually hinder normal physiological processes, the effect of radiosurgery.

Infrared activates the body's natural healing abilities. According to Creighton University.

The infrared waves can be carried out to a depth of 2.5 – 7.5 cm inside the skin surface.

When infrared energy reaches the cell structure a warm effect occurs causing an intracellular resonant absorption effect.

The cell fluids then begin to oscillate as a result of the absorbed infrared energy.

These effects enhance nutrient metabolism, repair processes, and remove toxin molecules.

Then the areas of the body affected by the massage begin to heal by improving blood circulation and Cell Metabolism.

3. Pain relief

Pain symptoms are often the result of inflammation inside some part of the body.

Where inflammation is a response to the body's immune system which is designed to protect vulnerable areas.

In some cases, however, inflammation and pain may prevent cell restoration by reducing blood circulation to the affected area.

And here the infrared massage relieves and eliminates the symptoms of pain. According to experts, the energy of infrared radiation.

Absorbed block signals stimulate nerve endings that cause pain.

Infections reduce the amount of oxygen and nutrients needed to reach the affected area.

So the warm energy absorbed into the cell structure promotes increased cell activity and thus the restoration of its restoration function.

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