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What are the benefits of lemon for the skin?

What are the benefits of lemon for the skin?

Benefits of lemon for the skin, you may be a lover of lemon or to drink it, but you are not alone, lemon is also loved by your skin, as lemon contains a large amount of useful elements for the skin.

Belongs lemon furnished to a group of plants acidic, and is considered one of the richest fruits in vitamin C and citric acid and contains vitamins B1,B6 it also contains thiamine .

Lemon blends can be used for the skin, and the benefits of lemon are not limited to the skin, but taking it as a juice helps the body to get rid of a great deal of its toxins, and in turn strengthens the body's immune system.

The benefits of lemon for the skin are numerous: :

1. Good Skin Cleanser :

The acid strength of the lemon makes it one of the most used skin cleansers, it also has a moisturizing effect, you can mix a few drops of coconut oil with lemon drops where the lemon works to clean the pores of the skin, you can also mix a few drops of lemon with tea tree oil and clean your face with a

2. lighten the elbow and knee:

If you have an elbow or knee Tan, lemon is the magic solution to eliminate tan, just squeeze half a lemon on the elbow and rub it well.

3 - Remove Blackheads:

The power of lemon as a bacteria killer and a powerful cleanser will impress you in removing blackheads, just put a slice of lemon on your face and squeeze it and you will be amazed by the results.

4. lighten skin and remove signs of aging:

The active effect of vitamin C and citric acid makes lemon one of the best lightening ingredients, and vitamin C in turn stimulates the skin's production of collagen that keeps your skin young. It fights wrinkles and premature graying.

5 - treatment of oily skin:

Lemon keeps your skin from accumulating fat and is also one of the best daily cleansers for oily skin.

6 - cracks of the lips:

Lemon removes the remains of dead skin, helping to eliminate cracks in your lips, just apply a few drops of lemon to your lips in the evening before bed and rinse in the morning.


Lemon may harm your skin if it is used in high concentrations or without dilution, preferably dilute it with a few drops of water, also preferably used in the evening and make sure the skin is free of its effects in the morning and wash the face well before exposure to the sun because the acidic components increase the ability of the skin to absorb

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