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What are the benefits of lemon peel?

What are the benefits of lemon peel?

The benefits of lemon peel are important , in addition to the many and many benefits of lemon, we can add the extra benefits that lemon peel carries, and hardly without the day of preparation of lemon for salads, dishes, cakes, desserts, juices and sauces as well as its great benefits in cleaning processes and refreshing and oily aroma .

The benefits of this fruit are not limited to juice, but the circle expands to include its bright yellow peel, perhaps the most important ones :

Expulsion of ants from the House

Lemon peels are not liked by ants, you can put peels on windows, doorways and cracks .

Cleaning and sterilization mixture

We soak the crusts with white vinegar on a sunny window for about 2-3 weeks, use the resulting water to clean grease, grease, glass windows, mirrors, sterilize the shower and sink, avoid spraying it on granite and marble .

Pepper lemon peel seasoning industry

Combine the grated peel of five lemons with ( ½ ) a glass of black pepper, transfer to an oven tray equipped with butter paper, roast until the mixture dries, then add ( ½ ) a glass of sea salt, and store in an airtight container for the characteristic flavor .

Lemon flavor oil for seafood

Lemon oil is a great addition to fish dishes, pasta and salads:

Combine (3)a glass of olive oil with (6)lemon peels after sun-dried to remove rot-causing water (we do not use bitter peels), and store away from light

Fighting flu with air

The increased levels of moisture in the room air reduces the capacity of mobile viruses infection infections and flu, you can have steaming lemon peel with water on top of the material, heated to fight bacteria, viruses and airborne .

Improve skin health

Rubbing lemon peel on the face helps smooth it, rubbing it on the elbows and heels helps exfoliate dead skin, both washed off with lukewarm water .

We can make a face smoothing mask by sun-drying and grinding the crusts, collecting a glass of them with ½ cup of sugar and a sufficient amount of olive oil and honey, or combining the crusts flour with water to treat acne .

Bleaching of teeth and nails

Peels are used to whiten teeth and remove smoking stains, or whiten nails by soaking nails with warm water, rubbing them with peels 20 seconds, teeth and nails should be washed with water after each application of peels .

Lemon peel tea

The benefits of a decoction of crusts are to provide vitamin C and antioxidants to enhance immunity, improve digestion, reduce weight and adjust the body'S PH .

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