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What are the benefits of mango for oily and dry skin


What are the benefits of mango for oily and dry skin

The benefits of mango for oily and dry skin are many and very important, and studies indicate the importance of this fruit invigorating and nourishing skin cells of different types .

Why mango is used for cosmetology and masks

Mango is considered the king of fruits because it contains a variety of vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients, and this makes it one of the first fruits dedicated to the manufacture of face and skin masks as well as its antioxidant substances .

Mango contains collagen in it to support the skin's luster, firming and smoothing, thus preventing premature aging and helping to clean the skin and fight clogged pores.

Mango has amazing moisturizing abilities and is rich in vitamins A (C) that help rejuvenate the skin .

Mango mask to remove blackheads and blackheads on the face :


  • 1 teaspoon mango pulp
  • ½Teaspoon milk
  • 2-3 drops of honey

Method of preparation

We combine the ingredients well, then apply the mixture to the face in a circular motion, to remove dead skin and blackheads, and we will note the ability of the mask to give a strong shine to the face

Mango mask to remove dark skin pigmentation : 

Every part of the mango is beneficial for your skin, so here we can peel fruit mango for its effectiveness in removing dark spots.


Peel the mango after drying in the sun

1 teaspoon of yogurt

Method of preparation

From the sun-dried and ground mango crust we make a soft powder, and then combine it with yogurt well.

Apply the mixture to the face, wash off after 15 minutes, this mask will give a strong shine to the face along with removing dark pigmentation.


Always when you apply any type of nourishing face mask, avoid reaching the eyes, it ensures you get out of Allergy and inflammation problems in the conjunctiva, keep a safe distance towards the eyes, and avoid the arrival of the mixture when washing it too .

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