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What are the benefits of mint for skin?

What are the benefits of mint for skin?

Benefits of mint for skin .. Mint can or is not considered a kind of ingredient, there are many people who want

Using it in everything .

Whether we like it or not, we must wonder before it, is mint good at Skin Care?

Some say that Mint is not the best for skin health.

Although many different types of herbal oils of mint share the same quality, some of them, such as winter mint.

It should never be used in skin care, so it's best to stick to the commonly used peppermint peppermint in case.

When choosing to make a home remedy, experts warn against using peppermint oil (or any other type of herbal oil)

Directly on the skin. To avoid causing irritation and redness, it is suggested to dilute the oil with distilled water, or with aloe vera to make a cooled gel.

It can also be diluted with a carrier oil such as coconut oil or jojoba to preserve its texture and reap its moisturizing benefits. Even in its diluted form

It is likely to cause mild reactions in people with sensitive skin, and before using a Mint product it is preferable to do a pre-test

Peppermint causes irritation to muscle membranes in particular, so it is advisable to avoid using peppermint products around the eye area.

In addition to relieving mint and using it for convenient inclusion in skin care, there are also many benefits to this ingredient. :

  • May help soothe muscle pain and soothe itchy skin
  • It has antibacterial and breakfast properties, making it an accessible ingredient in case of acne.
  • Helps to give a moisturizing and cooling feeling to hot skin and the best way to get it is to use soap or mint exfoliators.

For a longer feeling of cold, body lotion can be used. And in what way Mint was used, in total it means that it is good for skin care.

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