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What are the benefits of nuts for the heart?

What are the benefits of nuts for the heart?

Benefits of nuts to the daily habits can be depicted from heart disease, cancer, respiratory, diabetes, the nuts are rich in good fats, fiber, and healthy food to, and showed a number of studies show that nuts can lower the risk of heart disease.

Nuts also help people avoid other diseases such as cancer and diabetes, an international group of researchers has published in the journal BMC Medicine, analyzing 29 studies on nuts and their health outcomes. In their report, which included information on more than 800 thousand people،

 Eating nuts has great far-reaching benefits.

People who eat about a fist of any kind of nuts (20 g) a day are 30% less likely to have heart disease than those who don't eat nuts, 15% less likely to have cancer, 22% less likely to die prematurely for any reason, and people who regularly eat nuts 50% more likely to die from respiratory disease, and 40% less likely to have diabetes.

The results remained consistent across a broad segment of the population in different geographical areas, and were touched by both men and women, regardless of the type of nuts eaten they do not make much difference.

Libraries can offer these benefits though rich in fiber, nutrients, antioxidants, although they are rich in calories and fat, the fat which is healthy and can reduce the risk of heart disease, helps its content rich in protein and fiber to reduce the excess weight gained from overindulgence, eating.

The results support the idea that nuts are a good addition to the diet, and for people who eat more than 20 g a day, there has been no further reduction in their risk of developing conditions such as heart disease or cancer, and despite their many nutrients, nuts are best eaten in moderation.

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