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What are the benefits of olive oil for dry and oily face and wrinkles

What are the benefits of olive oil for dry and oily face and wrinkles

The benefits of olive oil for the face are manifested day by day with the many existing studies of its properties and compositions balanced and effective, which multiply their effects if combined with other natural elements, and the opinions of doctors today tend to deny the existence of an alternative to olive oil in the field of health of the body in general, and.

It should be noted for its use as a soap from the foot in skin care, as an antiseptic mixed with beeswax, and as an antibacterial with topical massage.

The benefits of olive oil for the face and uses other

Antioxidant and aging

Vitamin E with olive oil helps to effectively fight aging by restoring damaged skin cells along with restoring Solar damage caused by ultraviolet rays that penetrate the layers of the skin, polyphenols with oil protect the skin and delay its aging, olive oil phytosterols act as an antioxidant, and a tonic for the production of aging-fighting collagen.

Effective natural moisturizer

Olive oil's moisturizing properties are different from other commercial moisturizers that clog pores, as it has high permeability properties for skin layers in order to cleanse them, fight free radicals in them, and support the restoration of their layers with vitamin A (E).

This oil can be used as a body moisturizer with drops of it with bath water or as a face moisturizer after bathing, or we can grease it at night as a face and neck moisturizer, and a soothing for dry and cracked lips.

Some use it as an alternative to shaving cream in order to stimulate the hair follicles to be close to the Razor for optimal smoothness, along with immediate anti-irritation and sensitization hydration.

Safe skin scrub

The powerful antioxidants in olive oil reach deep into the pores to cleanse them and remove contaminants and dead cells from them, thereby preventing the formation of blackheads and acne on the skin.

The way to use this oil as a skin scrub is to combine a teaspoon of it with sea salt, to massage it on the skin, remove dead skin from it, and we can replace salt with sugar for sensitive skin

And we can paint it directly on the tip of the fingers to remove traces of skin cracks that build up around the nails.

It is used as a pore cleanser when mixed evenly with castor oil, and the mixture is rubbed with a warm cloth to give the face a light boost of steam

The best types of olive oil

Kept in a dark-colored, airtight container, and in a cool, dark place

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