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What are the benefits of oranges for women

What are the benefits of oranges for women

Benefits of oranges for women what are they? In fact, choose the incidence of stroke between men and women, can be the difference also causes infection, it has been found recently for one of the compounds that protect women from the risk of stroke and may represent the presence of this substance in citrus fruits .

  • The discovery came about when a group of researchers followed up the database of about 14 years of U.S. patients, and the goal of the research was to find out the diet they were following, its relationship to disease rates, as well as the effect on health of flavanoids, a compound common to fruits, vegetables and dark chocolate .
  • The American study shows higher rates of stroke prevention the higher the consumption of flavanoids, especially women who eat oranges and grapefruits .
  • Studies related to stroke at the American Heart Association have shown a low incidence of stroke with balanced consumption of vitamin C without excessive, and oranges are a good source of this vitamin .
  • Nutrition professors from Norwich Medical School at the University of East Anglia (Britain) believe that flavonoids provide protection to the body through several mechanisms that improve vascular function and act as an anti-inflammatory .
  • Researchers called for more studies and urged women to consume oranges and grapefruits completely instead of juices to avoid adding sugar .

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