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What are the benefits of peanut oil ?

What are the benefits of peanut oil ?

Benefits of peanut oil, it is considered a vegetable oil prepared from peanut legumes with cold juice.

Or normal in a refined or unrefined form, and these varieties differ in their nutritional benefits but in simple degrees.

This oil is used in the process of cooking all kinds of foods in order to obtain an unorthodox delicious flavor of dishes.

International recipes, especially Chinese, Asian, Vietnamese and Cambodian ones .

The benefits of this oil come from its various fatty acids such as palm, stearic and oleic acids.

The balance of these acids in the oil is considered healthy and safe to promote health besides containing it.

On vitamins, minerals and various organic compounds .

Benefits of peanut oil


Peanut oil is cholesterol-free so it is considered a healthy option in cooking food to relieve heart disease

It also helps reduce high cholesterol levels in the body thanks to the presence of.

Plant sterols (phytosterols) that compete with the stomach and intestines for cholesterol absorption, lowering the body's cholesterol by about 10-15%.

Heart health

The benefits of peanut oil in lowering cholesterol has positive results on heart health by alleviating heart attacks.

As well as having oleic acid which increases levels of good cholesterol (HDL) which reduces the risk of coronary diseases and strokes .

Cancer prevention

Peanut oil contains high levels of antioxidants represented by polyphenols in general.

Resveratrol in particular works to fight cancer-causing free radicals .

Blood pressure

Resveratrol in peanut oil lowers blood pressure by interacting with hormones.

The body is different in that it acts to restrict the hormone angiotensin, a blood pressure lifter .

Enhancing cognitive perception

Play peanut oil play an important role in slowing down the process of cognitive disorders causing dementia and Alzheimer's.

Due to the presence of resveratrol and anti-oxidant free radicals damaging the cerebral nerve pathways .

Skin health

Peanut oil like other vegetable oils is rich in skin-restoring vitamin E.

And control free radicals causing aging, wrinkles and .


The benefits of resveratrol in peanut oil are manifested in improving the immune system, stopping infection

Viral and fungal besides stimulating the production of immune-strengthening white blood cells .


Fatty acids in peanut oil are healthy and safe but become dangerous in cases of overeating

As well as the risk of excess calories causing obesity, it should be eaten in moderation and avoided for peanut allergy sufferers .

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